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Hygia India is a new age initiative of RKS Group,introducing to the Indian market an advanced sanitization and disinfection service. Hygia uses internationally accepted and certified technology to bring state-of-the-art disinfection service in various places of utility.

Environmental sustainability, sanitization and hygiene have become core issues today and excessive use of chemicals to address these have only gone ahead and complicated the process. Hygia offers an eco-friendly solution that uses highly efficient green chemicals to secure the environment from harmful bacteria and germs.

Hygia services include vapor disinfection, disinfection using advanced Sani-System (which is usually used to sanitize OTs and other medical environment) and air purification using a revolutionary new device, the Hygia Magic.

Hygia Magic is an effective handy device which uses advanced technology to effect triple benefits of air sanitization, de-odourization and dust busting step by step. Hygia India offers customized and personalized service according to the area and specific needs of its clients for sanitization. For added value, enhanced cleaning and maintenance on a day to day basis Hygia provides a set of 8 imported, eco-friendly green products which are highly efficient in maintaining the hygiene levels.

Hygia service has begun to see good success and acceptability in Indian market in last one year and is revolutionizing the way hygiene was maintained in the spaces around us. With Hygia Magic and the eco-friendly spot removal products one can be sure of a completely germ free and odour-free environment around them.

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