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Customer Success Stories


Moolchand Hospital - New Delhi

Hospitals – Moolchand Hospital New Delhi

Location Size: 80 Sq Ft

Area Type: In I.C.U Room with 10 patients

Common Issues: In intensive care unit patients under recovery from life threatening illnesses are highly immuno-compromised. Health hazards from pathogens in ICUs are as high as in the other living spaces. Air conditioners are very necessary for maintaining the environment but they are prone to trapping and transferring micro-organisms. Research also has shown that various micro-organisms persist for months on inanimate surface in wards and ICU surfaces which can become breeding grounds for harmful microbes.

Hygia Solution & Outcome: A team of experts in the field of steam sanitization and disinfection along with microbiologists was sent to perform Hygia service. The whole ICU area was sanitized and disinfected with vapour and super heated steam operation for one full day. Further Hygia Magic air sanitizer, purifier cum de-odorizer was applied at continous intervals for 72 hrs. The outcome was really impressive.
The hospital authorities were reported about the definitive environmental makeover felt by the staff and the patients inside the ICU room. A post operative recovery patient mentioned that he felt less irritation in his throat and was coughing much lesser in last 24 hrs.
Overall well being of the staff and patients was reported to be better after using Hygia Magic in the premises.


Leela Kempinski - Gurgaon

Restaurants & Hotels : Leela Kempinski Gurgaon

Location Size: 50 Sq Ft

Area Type: Garbage Room

Common Issues: Garbage room is the most critical area of the hotel, maintenance of which is necessary to ensure safety of environment inside whole of the hotel premises. Most top class hotels may have self owned incinerators but garbage carrying time still affects the environment with chemical and biological pollutants. These pollutants adversely affect the indoor air quality and can expose garbage handling staff to infections, foul odour and respiratory problems. These exposures further cause cross contamination.

Hygia Solution & Outcome: Garbage rooms are difficult areas to clean and de-odourize. It was a test for Hygia team to demonstrate the real efficacy of our products. A team performed steam sanitization and disinfection treatment with medicated vapour steam. The pleasant effect was felt by the garbage room staff right away with the help of this service. Yet the bad odour was still felt in some places of the room which vanished like a magic with the use of our photocatalytic device Hygia Magic. It is a device which oxidizes and transforms the harmful pollutants in your environment into natural compounds that will continuously purify the circulating air inside the room. The room was then inspected by the Hotel Manager and he felt comfortable standing the garbage room which was difficult prior to performing this service.

Bharti Omega- Sigma

Corporates – Bharti Omega- Sigma

Location Size: 250 Sq Ft

Area Type: Washroom

Common Issues: We are mostly in doubt about touching washroom surfaces due to the fear of cross contamination. Research has also proved that this scare exists in public. No matter how well maintained the urinal is, tiny droplets of water spray up from the bowl every time somebody uses the toilet. These droplets may dry up soon yet are sources of infection spreading bacteria like E-coli. The bacteria found just below the bowl or several meters away can persist for over half an hour after flushing. This persistence of bacteria is called the ‘sneeze effect’.

Hygia Solution & Outcome: Washrooms generally look clean and fragrant and establishing an after effect was challenging for the Hygia team. The team performed the steam sanitization along with medicated vapour steam disinfection service. Post the application of Hygia’s expert photocatalytic device Hygia Magic, positive effects were observed within an hour’s time.
The staff from Bharti Omega who visited the washroom could feel the freshness in the air. Another staff member reported that “she could not believe she was in the same washroom where she used to feel nausea every time she entered it in the past in each visit during the day”. Hygia service thus gave them an enhanced washroom experience.