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Research and Development

Personal Care Expertise

RKS Group has an experience of over two decades of developing and promoting high quality personal care products like creams & lotions, oral care-tooth pastes, talcum, shampoos & oils, face wash etc. incorporating best formulations and latest scientific research. Our R & D efforts in alliance with brands for which we have been manufacturing have provided us tremendous exposure and directives in developing products that are a best fit for Indian personal care needs.
Our R & D takes place with a combination of scientists, technical experts in disciplines like formulation science, skin research, environmental science, clinical testing, microbiology and toxicology. These experts help us to develop high quality formulations and products with sensitive skin care along with nice fragrance and feel.
The safety of each formulation must be corroborated prior to product introduction. We make sure that our customer’s safety is ensured with the use of our products. We thoroughly research every ingredient’s efficacy in improving the personal hygiene and well being of our customers. The research also authenticates its long term usage. The Team of experts developing such formulations is well aligned with the company goals and is duly trained in providing desired results in the shortest time possible.

Home Care Expertise

RKS Group has been known since its inception as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality home care products including detergents, soaps, cleaning agents for floor, toilets, glass, kitchen etc. with specialty ingredients and the latest scientific research. The R & D team works through formulation development of the new product concept and uses the latest technology and evaluation methods to assist our marketing team in creating customer focused homecare products for quick, smooth and gentle cleaning. Highly trained expert perfumers put their creativity at its best for generating captivating fragrances at par with the global trends, fashion and tastes.
Our R & D takes place with a combination of scientists, technical experts in disciplines like formulation science, environmental science, material science, clinical testing, patent development, microbiology, toxicology and regulatory affairs. These experts help us to develop high quality formulations and products which are suitable for use in Indian home environments.
In the context of home care products safety of materials, fabrics, and environment are of utmost importance. The dynamics of expanding customer choices in the home care segment and increasing awareness about organic home care products is driving the need for rapid, efficient and sustainable new product formulations that are safer to use and have no harmful effects. RKS Group is proactively engaging itself in the development of such formulations which are made from natural ingredients and are Eco-friendly in nature.

Nano Technology

Nanotechnology—a term encompassing nano-scale science, engineering, and technology—is focused on understanding, controlling, and exploiting the unique properties of matter that can emerge at scales of one to 100 nanometers. A key issue regarding nanotechnology is how best to protect human health, safety, and the environment as nano-scale materials and products are researched, developed, manufactured and used.
Nanotechnology covers a wide swath of scientific fields, engineering disciplines, and technological applications. Sufficient knowledge has been developed about the useful properties of certain nano-materials and how they can be manufactured, and how they can be applied in useful ways to enable commercial product development.
RKS Group will be proactive in aligning with the R & D experts from science (molecular biology, surface science) and technology (semi conductor physics and micro fabricators) to explore the potential of developing devices or bio materials by delving into Nano-science which can protect us from the harmful threats in the environment around us.
Our environment is full of threats from micro-organisms, pollutants, gases, chemical smells etc, the harmful effects of which are built into our bodies through our long term exposure to them. RKS Group is driven by the vision to eliminate this exposure in our customers day to day life. Our research team is working towards developing devices and substance using Nanotechnology to provide immunity to our customers from the harmful effects of these irritants where ever they are. In a world where bacterias are becoming antibiotic resistant and there is a rampant problem of auto-immune diseases, nanotechnology by products will offer a life saving solution to our customer to improve the environment around them.