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Quality Policy

RKS Group shall strive to build our customers’ confidence in our products and services, that are designed to meet Personal and Home Care needs of day to day lives. The quality expectation of our customers of our products is driven by a continuous improvement in processes and systems in delivering world class quality products.

We are committed to bring forth competitive services, products and solutions that satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers at the highest levels.
Our quality policy has some directives which are uniformly followed across the group so that our customers trust us for our integrity and producing high quality brands, products and services.

Policy Directives:

Conformance to standards
The safety of our customers and our brands is our top priority. Our products are produced with stringent quality standards compliance to which is regularly tested through audits and self assessment. These standards ensure that our product’s design, manufacturing and quality is as per the industry norms and regulatory requirements of the country.

Customer Participation
We actively engage ourselves in dialogue with our customers, where we understand their feedback and opinion about the brands, products and services. Thus translate their core expectations and needs into products and services which satisfy them at the best. This is what drives our product upgrade and innovation process.

Quality is an Organization Level Goal
We encourage the responsibility of maintaining quality at every level of the organization. Our manufacturing, branding, R & D and customer service is all driven by quality as their prime goals. Every employee, business partner or associate of the business has to abide by the oath and deliver results with highest level quality output. The leaders of the organization ensure inerrant implementation of quality policy.

Quality systems and Process
We are continually and consistently upgrading our systems and processes in order to provide quality throughout out our value chain. We are providing skill enhancement and resources to our employees for enabling the overall quality objectives to be met. And also improve our performance in achieving these targets with efficiency and ease.